Panoramic and Photo Sphere Photography

High resolution panoramics for all applications, from real estate virtual tours to billboards.
  • High Resolution Wide Angle Landscapes

    20,000 pixel-wide stitched panoramas

  • High Dynamic Range

    High dynamic range interior and exterior photos.

  • 360 Degree Spherical Panoramas

    Medium or high resolution full 360 photo spheres

  • Virtual Tours

    Photo sphere virtual tours with clickable hotspots for navigation.

Vacation Rental Virtual Tour

Before and After - Cather-Pound Dorm Demolition

High Resolution Panoramic Photography wanted a life-size image of their data center vault door for use at trade shows. I shot a mosaic of 6 x 9 photos at 24 megapixels each. The images were stitched together to a final size of 23,000 x 18,800 pixels. To ensure that the software could stitch all the images, random shapes of post-it notes were added, and later removed from the final image.
This shot shows a portion of one of the mosaic photos. I used a Gigapan Robotic camera platform to automate the process of capturing images. The Gigapan ensures accurate alignment of the images.
Here's the result - a life-size 200 DPI (dot per inch) image printed on a fold-able panel.