Aerial Mapping: Agriculture and Industrial Applications

Photography of Acreages, Farm Land and Infrastructure

The above image is a 3D model, generated from a series of drone photos taken from all angles around the building.

Note: I am not a licensed surveyor. I can generate aerial maps but if you need professional surveying services, I can partner with your surveyor or recommend someone who can register and analyze the imagery.
  • Acreage Mapping

    1 inch per pixel resolution of large acreages

  • 3D Models

    High resolution models generated from multiple photographs

  • Accurate Repetition of Mapping Missions

    Need photos of your farm land or manufacturing plant at different times of the year?

Mapping Acreages

Cloud-based mapping applications allow straightforward, repeatable stitching of images for large areas. First, the area to be mapped is outlined. The software application computes the area and time it will take to photograph, and final image resolution in inches per pixel.
This screen shot shows the sequence of images captured by the drone.
The images are stitched together using one of several online services, or a desktop application, depending on the size of the project and desired result.
This is a close-up of one of the images from the grid shown above.

3D Models